Pie!? Yum!

Lift Lock Squares invite you to attend  PIE NIGHT on Saturday, Nov 12 from 7-10pm at Westdale United Church hall, 1509 Sherbrooke St. W, Peterborough.

This dance for for all dancers, including those who started this Fall.  This is an opportunity for Lift Lock to meet and welcome new dancers.  Most of the dancing will be at the basic level but there will be mainstream tips and  a plus tip too!

Upcoming Dances

How’s your turkey belly after the holiday weekend?  Full I hope!  You can start working it off again next Monday at our club night and at a couple of upcoming dances!

Our club is hosting a Halloween Dance on October 30th from 2:00 – 4:30pm and we want you all to come – in costume!  Costumes are completely optional, but are encourages as prizes will be awarded for various categories.

Our neighbour club, Lift Lock Squares, is hosting their annual Pie Night Dance on Saturday November 12th.  There will be tips for beginner dancers so please be sure to join us there starting at 7:00pm!

Find out more about both events on our dances page.

Great Turnout!

We had a really great turnout at the dance on Saturday!  There were many people from other clubs as well as great support from our club.

Our cuer, Andrea Priest, and our callers, Wayne Whatman and Jeff Priest, did a fabulous job and I think we’re all looking forward to dancing with them again.

Check out the photos on our photo page and see you Monday night!

Notable news

Last night there were a lot of people at our dance, and a lot of notices too!  The news was emailed out to our members in advance since there was so much to update members on, but we thought we would post it here too, just to make sure everyone caught it all.

  1. There is a dance Saturday and we hope that lots of our members come out for this dance to show we are a great club! Ladies should wear skirts and men should wear long sleeved shirts.  Ladies dancing on the man’s side have the choice of wearing skirt or pants.
    1. Unfortunately brand new dancers will not be able to dance at this dance, but we encourage you to drop in, free of charge to see what goes on at these events!
    2. Also we hope to have square dance clothes for sale at very nominal amounts.  These are donated by former dancers.  So the new people may be interested in these clothes.
    3. We would appreciate it if members can bring about a dozen cookies or squares each.
    4. Find more information for Saturday on our dance page.
  2. There are registration forms for new dancers to fill out to join the club.  Membership is $5 per year, $3 of which is used to purchase insurance.
  3. On Tuesday October 18th we ask that all dancers who can make it come to George Street United Church for 9:30am for a CHEX TV taping.  The program will air at 5:00pm on October 19th and we’ll be inviting anyone who’s interested to try modern square dancing at a FREE workshop on Sunday October 23rd from 2:00 – 4:30pm.
  4. Anyone with a permanent club name badge will be admitted free of charge on October 24th!  If you would like to order one before that day sign up at dancing on Mondays or speak to Howard Lander.
  5. Lastly, please don’t forget to bring a reusable mug on Mondays.  We’d like to reduce the amount of waste we create!

Frosty Fling a great Success!

On January 23rd Otonabee Squares hosted the Frosty Fling dance for over 120 dancers!  The event was a extremely well done and we welcomed members from several other clubs.  A big thank you to all of the Otonabee Squares members who helped with set-up, take-down and organization of the dance.

We now have some photos posted from the Frosty Fling for  you to take a look at.  If you have some photos to share please send them to us!

Frosty Fling Details

The Otonabee Squares Frosty Fling is coming up on January 23rd at Westdale United Church and we want you to be there!  A dance for basic and mainstream levels at only $6 per person!

Guest caller Doug Holmes and our own caller Wayne Whatman will be leading us from 2:00 – 4:30pm after which refreshments will be available.  First year dancers are welcome and there will be door prizes.

For information call 705-743-8699  or email otonabeesquares@gmail.com.  Westdale United Church is located at 1509 Sherbrooke St. W. in Peterborough.  Click to view the event flyer.