Thank you Sharon!

Sharon has stepped down as our club’s president and I would like to say how much we have enjoyed working with her for the past two years.  Being a president of a new club is not an easy job and many times it is rather a thankless one.

Sharon came into the job with no experience working on a square dance club executive and never hesitated to ask advice when she needed it; she brought new ideas to the club; used her experience as a tour director to create a friendly atmosphere and laid the foundation for building up the club.

I don’t think people realize the hours and hours she has put into it; she responded to peoples’ concerns, worked with the church to ensure there were no problems and was willing to listen to those who phoned her at all times with their concerns, complaints, etc.  She opened her home for our executive meetings (and laid on a feast!) and stepped in to do other executive jobs when needed.

So both personally and on behalf of the club, a BIG thanks to you Sharon.  We are glad that you will still be with the executive as past-president for the next year.

Howard and Jean Lander

Newswatch at 5:30pm Broadcast

Thank you so much to all of the club members who were present on Tuesday for the CHEX Newswatch 5 O’Clock show! We were one person short of 4 squares which is an amazing turnout for a Tuesday morning! You can view the broadcast on their website.  Be sure to watch through to the end as our club is featured throughout!

Also, don’t forget that this Sunday, October 23rd, from 2:00-4:30pm we have an afternoon dance for an ‘Introduction to Modern Square Dancing’ at George Street United Church hall, our regular dance hall, located on the corner of George and McDonnel Streets in Peterborough.