Lakefield Farmers Market update

Unfortunately the organizers of the special event that was to be organized in support of the Lakefield Farmers Market have cancelled it for this year.  (The whole thing is cancelled, not just our dance).

However they have indicated that we would welcome us to come on a Thursday and do a demonstration (which was our original plan) .  The executive feel this would be a good opportunity to get our name out there so we are TENTATIVELY planning to do this on Thursday, August 23.  I am waiting to confirm this with them.
Our apologies for this confusion.  We will be in touch as soon as possible.

Please remember that the next summer dance will be on TUESDAY, August 7 at St. Anne’s Parish Hall at 7pm.  (Monday was the holiday)

I hope you are all handing out the coupons to invite people to our club to try square dancing.  Dates for free nights are either 10th or 17th September.  These coupons will be available at the last two summer dances – August 7 and August 20. (Click here to download the coupons)

Looks like great weather for the Barn Dance this Sunday, July 29!

See you there we hope!

Summer Dancing is upon us!

Summer dancing will begin on Monday May 28th and last through until August 20th.  Each dance will be from 7:00 – 9:30pm but there are two locations we’ll be using.  Most dances will be at St. Anne’s Parish Hall – 859 Barnardo Ave – and one will be at George Street United Church – Corner of George and McDonnel Streets.

There will be seven summer dances to keep your skills sharp and the dancing will be basic and mainstream levels.  Our callers will be Wayne Whatman and Joe Uebelacker and the cost will be $5.00 per person.

For more information please call Sandy at 705-741-2582 or view our flyer!