Countdown to Spring Spree!

This Saturday starting 2pm the fun begins. Dancing to four different great callers – Dave Hutchison, Don Moger, Jim Lee and Joe Uebelacker.  Separate halls for each level – basic, mainstream, plus and A1. Rounds cued by Jerry Callen. Some A2 .  Evening session starts 7pm. $8 for each session. Crestwood secondary school, 1885  Sherbrooke Street West, Peterborough. For more information 705 743 3077.

Square Dance Week is Upon us!

This week  has been proclaimed Square Dance Week in Peterborough by the mayor of the city.  This is in part to celebrate the 50th annual Spring Spree which is happening this Saturday April 21st.

The dance will be held at Crestwood Secondary School and there will be afternoon and evening sessions from 2:00p m- 5:00pm and 7:00 – 10:30pm, followed by an evening snack.  This dance is hosted by Lift Lock Squares and will feature several different callers and all levels of dancing.  For more details visit our dance page or view the flyer.

See you there!

PS – check out the photos from last year’s Spring Spree on our photo page!

Beginners Workshop

The executive is offering to hold a workshop for first year dancers on Tuesday, March 20th from 7-9:30pm.  Location to be advised. We recognize the fact that some people would benefit from extra help and we really do not want to you to give up.  Square dancing is fun especially when you get more confident in executing your moves!

The intent of this workshop is to help the newer dancers.  (But we welcome “angels” to come and help.)   We realize that some of our January student dancers have been ill.  Lessons are only a small part of the learning process.  It is the practice on the floor which solidifies the moves into your brain and body.  When you have danced a few years they talk about “muscle memory”.  It becomes almost a reflex action when you hear the call.    So you need to attend regularly to become a good dancer.

This workshop will not take place unless we have at least two squares of first year dancers. I would hope that all the January class will attend.  Even with two squares the club is subsidizing the evening so we want to know for sure that you will attend.   Please reply to Jean Lander to let us know one way or the other if you plan on attending.  If we have not heard from you in a couple of days the phone committee will be calling you so to save this extra work, please respond.

Spring Spree is coming up and we would like you all to have the opportunity to attend this fabulous event (right here in Peterborough).  This is why the club is willing to put some money and the necessary work and time into this workshop.

In other news….
To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Spring Spree, Peterborough Mayor Daryl Bennett will be making a proclamation to declare the week beginning April 21st as “SQUARE DANCE WEEK IN PETERBOROUGH”!

Spring Spree!


Please mark this date on your calendar and plan to attend.  It is a wonderful opportunity right here at home for you to attend a dance with four great callers.  Last year over 350 dancers attended this dance from all over Ontario (and probably some from further afield.  View the flyer here.

There are four halls for the four different levels.  In the basic hall the callers are very aware that you are first year dancers and will adjust their calling accordingly.  Nothing worse for a caller than  to have an empty floor!  If you want a rest from dancing go into the other halls to watch.  From 7-7:45pm there is something a little different.  One hall will be for round dancing; one hall will have A2 level dancing and the third hall will have what we call “Caller’s Showcase”.  Any visiting caller takes a turn calling a tip.  The level will be Basic so all dancers can take part.

At 7:45pm  everyone will move to the largest gym where a piper will start the opening ceremony.  This takes about 15 minutes and then all the dancers will disperse to their respective dance halls.  At 10pm all the dancers once again gather in the large gym for the closing part of the evening which is a lot of fun when all four callers get together on stage to wind up the evening. Again this part of the evening will accommodate the basic dancers.  At 10:30pm refreshments will be served.

To introduce the callers alphabetically:  Paul Adams is from Ottawa and has three clubs at different levels;  Grant Logan from Thornhill whom you met at our Frosty Fling dance, is the caller for Willow Weavers. (Some of you went to his dance in February). Grant calls old time, contra and also cues round dancing.  Don Moger is from Montreal where he has his own club but he is frequently travelling to the USA and to Europe where he is much in demand.  Joe Uebelacker is the host caller, being the caller for Lift Lock Squares (some of you met Joe at Pie Night last November).  He also calls in Trenton and in Toronto.

See you on the floor!

Upcoming Dances for Basic Level Dancers


There  are some upcoming dances which cater to any dancer who started last fall or before that.  It is a great opportunity to get more floor time and also to hear other callers and meet square dancers from other clubs.  That is one thing we love about square dancing; making friends from all over the place!

If you wonder why we try and encourage you to go to other dances it is for the following reasons.  First and foremost, it is fun!

If you started last fall you will have learnt the 51 moves of the Basic program.  We think that this basic program is the most difficult to learn because most of you are starting from no knowledge of Modern Square Dancing.   The only way to really get to know the moves and be able to do them seamlessly is practice!  Which means “floor time”.   At our club night you may only get 5 tips to practice your moves, especially now that we are including the beginner dancer level in our evening.

We were fortunate to welcome 9 other clubs to our Frosty Fling which made for a great afternoon.  This is your opportunity to get out and support their dances. We will have sign-up sheets to see if there is enough interest to hire a bus for each dance.  Cost will be $5 per person.

So do try and get out to at least one of the dances listed below.  Wear your Otonabee badge!

Saturday  Feb 12 – Willow Weavers invite you to a Valentine Dance, at Thornhill Presbyterian Church, 271 Centre Street, Thornhill.   Afternoon 2:30-5pm and Evening 6:30 to 9:30pm

Sunday, March 6 – Oshawa Club invite you to a Square Dance at 115 Grassmere Ave, Oshawa from 1-4pm CANCELLED

Sunday, March 27. Happy Hoppers invite you to Spring Uprising at the Lebovic Arts Centre, 15 Civic St, Stouffvillefrom 2:30 – 5:15pm. Visit their website.

Tuesday, April 5 – Lakeshore Waves invite you to their Country Roundup; Baltimore Recreation Centre, Community Centre Rd, Baltimore. 8-10p.    (Also some mainstream and plus available)

Saturday  April 16Spring Spree hosted by Lift Lock Squares.  Crestwood High School, Sherbrooke Ave, Peterborough.  2-5pm and 7-10:30pm  (also Mainstream to Advanced levels available) Ribbons on sale now for pre-registration.

Saturday, May 14 –  Toronto and District Square Dance Convention, Brock University, St. Catherine’s.  Afternoon and evening dancing.  (Mainstream and above level dancers can dance from Thurs pm –Sat night)

Saturday, May 28 – Triangle Squares invite you to an afternoon dance in Toronto.  Jesse Ketchum School , 61 Davenport Road,Toronto,   (Mainstream and above dancers can dance Thurs evening –Sun morning)

If you want  any more information, contact Howard and Jean Lander, Publicity and PR for Otonabee Squares via email: or phone 905 342 5450.