Last Dance of November!

Wow, it’s the last dance of Novmeber 2010, ALREADY!  The fall dance season has passed quickly and we’ll soon be losing many of our snow birds to southern lands.  Hopefully everyone has new dancers to bring out to the club beginning January 10th at 7:00pm.  It will be a great chance for new club members to learn basics starting from scratch.

Jean Koning missed our club night last week as she was receiving a very prestigious award – the YMCA Peace Medallion.  Fortunately she was able to join us this week and we got to congratulate her on the achievement.  Visit the Peterborough Examiner website to see an article on Jean.

The executive is still looking for basket item donations for the Frosty Fling fundraiser.  Perhaps some of our members will receive a few gifts over the holiday season that they can’t use themselves and would like to re-gift to the club.  Donations will be taken in January.

Last Saturday a few dancers from our club attended a dance in Stouffville with callers Doug Holmes & Grant Logan.  It was a well attended event with about 90 dancers and 10 squares in a small hall.  A good time was had by all at the event and new friends met over snacks at the end.  Our Frosty Fling dance in January was promoted at the event by both callers so hopefully we have a great turn out too!

Finally, please check out the photos page as we’ve added some pictures from the Pie Night hosted by the Lift Lock squares with many of our club members in attendance.


Newsletter & News

A few reminders and notes were mentioned Monday night for our club members.  Everyone is invited to Pie Night, hosted by the Lift Lock Squares on Saturday November 20th at 7:00pm. Admission is free for Otonobee Squares members – see you there!

Also of note, we will be starting a new class of beginner dancers on January 10, 2011. Please bring friendsand family to join us. Please note that unlike September, when we took in new dancers over athree week span, in January they must begin on January 10th.  Further, beginning on the 10th, the dance evening will be extended by 1/2 houreach week. The beginners will have their teach session from 7-7:30pm each week. From7:30 until 9:30pm we will continue with the program we have now, alternating the levels,except that we now will have three levels, new basics, Sept basics and mainstream.

For those that didn’t pick up a copy of the newsletter you can find it in the Members Area of the website.

Good time had by all!

It was a great party last Monday with lots of members showing up in costume.  We had cowboys, witches, cards and more.  Check the photos page of the website to see some of the costumes.

Some announcements were made at the meeting including an update to the Frosty Fling, which will be held on January 23rd.  This has been updated on the site calendar.  The executive is still looking for a venue for the event so if anyone has any ideas please let them know.

Club members were also informed that we will be doing some baskets up in time for Christmas as a fundraiser.  There will be several themes including a kitchen basket, a wine and cheese basket, a chocolate basket and possibly more!  Anyone with donations for the baskets are invited to bring them to a dance night in the near future.

Lastly, copies of the constitution were available at the dance on Monday and we have added it to the site in the members area.  Anyone can access this area, and we suggest you check it out as we have also posted a list of basic calls there.