Beginners Workshop

The executive is offering to hold a workshop for first year dancers on Tuesday, March 20th from 7-9:30pm.  Location to be advised. We recognize the fact that some people would benefit from extra help and we really do not want to you to give up.  Square dancing is fun especially when you get more confident in executing your moves!

The intent of this workshop is to help the newer dancers.  (But we welcome “angels” to come and help.)   We realize that some of our January student dancers have been ill.  Lessons are only a small part of the learning process.  It is the practice on the floor which solidifies the moves into your brain and body.  When you have danced a few years they talk about “muscle memory”.  It becomes almost a reflex action when you hear the call.    So you need to attend regularly to become a good dancer.

This workshop will not take place unless we have at least two squares of first year dancers. I would hope that all the January class will attend.  Even with two squares the club is subsidizing the evening so we want to know for sure that you will attend.   Please reply to Jean Lander to let us know one way or the other if you plan on attending.  If we have not heard from you in a couple of days the phone committee will be calling you so to save this extra work, please respond.

Spring Spree is coming up and we would like you all to have the opportunity to attend this fabulous event (right here in Peterborough).  This is why the club is willing to put some money and the necessary work and time into this workshop.

In other news….
To celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Spring Spree, Peterborough Mayor Daryl Bennett will be making a proclamation to declare the week beginning April 21st as “SQUARE DANCE WEEK IN PETERBOROUGH”!

Mainstream Dance

Just a reminder that the above dance will take place this coming Sunday from 2-4:30pm.
Caller will be Joe Uebelacker.

Please come out and support this dance.  Not only will it be a lot of fun, it is a chance to improve your mainstream moves so you will be ready for Spring Spree!   Dancing to other callers is one of the best ways to become a more proficient dance.

Don’t forget two upcoming “outside” dances. See flyers at club night.

Sunday afternoon, March 25 in Stouffville
Tuesday night, March 27 in Baltimore (north of Cobourg).

Happy Valentine Day to all!

A great party was enjoyed by all last night – Ice Cream Sundaes and a free night too!  Lots of red and pink attire.  Everything looked very cheerful!

For the mainstream dancers don’t forget  this Sunday, Feb 19th – 2-4:30pm George Street United.  Our caller will be Berry Chumbley from Napanee.

Next Monday night we will have a clothing sale of square dance attire.  Although our club dress policy is “casual”, anyone who wants to wear square dance attire is welcome to do so.  This is why we offer square dance clothing for sale (when we are given it!)  We decided to donate the proceeds to charity so if you did not get your ballot in last night for your favourite charity, email me asap.  We will give preference to local Peterborough and area charities. The decision will be made at our executive meeting this coming Sunday.  Please note that the sale will start at 6:30pm at the church.

If you have any issue, suggestion, concern you wish to bring to the executive to discuss. Please let me know before Sunday.

George Street United Church has offered our members the chance of taking part in a two hour course on the use of a defibrillator.  This will take place this Saturday 10-12.  It is presumed that you will have taken CPR training at some point and there will also be a refresher in this.  If you are interested, just show up.  It is free.  The church now has a defibrillator which they have told us we will have access to should we need it and have someone who knows how to use it.

Please read the ABC Squares flyer which advertises the new initiative in square dancing that will start up in Peterborough on Friday, March 9.  A big advantage in this program is that if we have friends or meet people interested in square dancing we can direct them to ABC Squares.  They can join this group at any time.  We don’t have to tell them, sorry, our next class is in September.  So we can direct people to ABC where they will get a good grounding in 22 moves.  In September they can then attend both groups but in ours they will be able to learn the full basic program.  Likewise our members can attend ABC Squares where they can get more floor time, listen to a different caller and do more square dancing!  This is especially good for our newest dancers who can get more instruction in some of the basics.  In fact all our dancers would benefit dancing at ABC as you will hear a different caller.  Dancing to different callers improves your skill!

Our Social Convenor (Sandy Rudd) has found it necessary to step down from the executive.  If we are to continue enjoying tea/coffee at club nights we need a volunteer to step in and do this job for the next three months.  This person is responsible to purchasing the supplies for refreshment breaks and ensuring that volunteers are recruited to help in the kitchen on a rotational basic every Monday night.  More than one person can share this job so if you are interested, speak to Sharon or email one of us.  See the webpage for all executive members contact numbers and email addresses (

If there is anyone who has some bookkeeping skills, our treasurer, Ingrid, would be glad of some help.

Please remember the Oshawa Dance – Sunday  Feb 26 2-4:40pm.  See flyer in the red book for more details.!

Hope to see you all out, if not on Sunday, then on Monday!!

Howard and Jean Lander
Publicity Officers

A few updates!

Sunday, Feb 19 2-4:30pm. George Street United Church. Call 704 743 8699

On Monday Feb 20 we will be offering used square dance clothing for sale. Proceeds will be donated to a yet to be decided charity. Lots of skirts, blouses, men’s shirts, etc.

At our Frosty Fling dance someone slipped two keys into a coat pocket. However it was the wrong coat.  Don Pierce has two keys that don’t belong to him. If you are missing these please call Don at 705 741 1975.

Starting in March a community square dance program (ABC) will start up. For information call Joe Uebelacker 705 657 9084 .

Lots of Events Coming Up!

Hello to all Otonabee squares dancers!

  • Next weekend on Sunday 29th Jan we will be hosting our 3rd Annual FROST FLING dance.
    • We have another caller to share the stage with Wayne. This year we invited Dave Williamson who is a caller from Guelph. In addition to being a caller he is also President of the Toronto & District Square Dance Association. He is a fantastic caller (and singer) and is very supportive to new dancers.
    • The dance level will be mainstream and basic so all the dancers currently dancing on Monday night will be comfortable with whatever is called. (The new dancers currently in lessons will not be able to dance but are welcome to come, free of charge, to watch).
    • As hosts I ask you all to step forward and help make this event a great success. Right now the long range weather forecast looks good!
    • We ask all our members to bring something in the way of food; singles should get together and share doing up veggie or fruit platters or even sandwiches. A sign up sheet will be there on Monday night. We need help setting up; kitchen and clean up. If we all do a little it is not too much for anyone person. But MOST IMPORTANT please plan to attend!
    • Dress code is ladies should wear skirts (does not have to be crinolines!) and those ladies dancing as men have the option of pants or skirts. Men should wear long sleeved shirts.
    • Location: Westdale United Church, 1509 Sherbrooke St. W. Peterborough 2-4:30pm
  • Many in the square dance community are watching our club with interest. (Even in Ottawa they are interested in the success of our club) They are amazed that we have grown in such a short time to be such a great club. This is due to all of you who have come out regularly, brought in friends and continue to make every Monday night such a fun time.
  • General notes: On Feb 6th the new dancers will be joining us on Monday nights. Please make them feel welcome and introduce yourself.
    • We have two Tuesday lessons left. The more experienced dancers (yes even if you just started last September you are a more experienced dancer!) who come out and help, the better the new dancers will be when they join with us on Mondays. So you are not only helping them but the quality of your own dancing on Mondays will be better. Also you become a better dancer when you learn to help others.
    • Some who have attended every new class will be earning their “angel” dangle.
  • On Feb 13th we will have a Valentine Party – Make you own Ice-Cream Sundae.
  • Sunday, Feb 19th – Mainstream Dance at George Street United Church 2-4:30pm
  • Remember to “lug a mug”. Save all that styrofoam!
  • Talking of mugs, a couple of members are looking for two lost mugs. One is an insulated mug with a Saturn logo on it and the other is a china mug with a “lavender” motif. If anyone found these let us know.