We wish our members and square dancers everywhere a wonderful 2013 filled with many happy hours of dancing!

With the new year comes our club start up for our winter/spring session of dancing.  Next Monday night, January 7th will be an Open House where we invite anyone who is interested in modern square dancing to come out and meet the club.  This will be a free night for everyone!  We start at 7pm at George Street United church hall, cnr George and Mcdonnel Sts., Peterborough.

Our 6 week session for new dancers starts on Tuesday, January 8th at 7pm but at a different location.  Keith Wightman Public School, 860 St. Mary’s St., Peterborough.  Times: 7 – 9:30pm.  Registration forms are available on this website.  Cost for the 6 week session is $30 per person.  If you have any questions and wish to speak to someone, please phone Sandy at 705 2582.

Summer Dancing is upon us!

Summer dancing will begin on Monday May 28th and last through until August 20th.  Each dance will be from 7:00 – 9:30pm but there are two locations we’ll be using.  Most dances will be at St. Anne’s Parish Hall – 859 Barnardo Ave – and one will be at George Street United Church – Corner of George and McDonnel Streets.

There will be seven summer dances to keep your skills sharp and the dancing will be basic and mainstream levels.  Our callers will be Wayne Whatman and Joe Uebelacker and the cost will be $5.00 per person.

For more information please call Sandy at 705-741-2582 or view our flyer!

Open House on April 30th

 Our annual open house is coming up soon on Monday April 30th!  The open house will be from 7-9pm and will feature an introduction to modern square dancing for beginners at no cost.  Everyone is welcome – singles; couples, families, and youth of all ages.  We’ll also have refreshments for our guests so be sure to join us.

For more information please view our flyer or call Sharon at 705-743-8699.

Elections are Coming!

On Monday May 14th we will have our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and potluck dinner followed by dancing.  At the AGM the club membership reviews the reports of the various positions and re-elects or elects members to the Executive.  If you would like to know more about the AGM you can review the draft minutes from last year.

To elect members to the Executive we need nominees for the positions.  The only rule regarding who can put their name forth for the Executive is that you must be a member in good standing with the club.  To help potential candidates identify themselves we have an Executive Volunteer Form.  If you are interested in volunteering please print the Executive Volunteer Form and hand it in at dancing or email it to the Nominating Committee Chair.

To learn more about the Executive, the elections process or to review the rules that govern the members of our club please read our Bylaws.

As current Executive Members confirm their intention to stand for re-election we will post that information.

Spring News has bloomed!

This just in – our Spring Newsletter!  Please read it to catch up on all the news.

Next week, April 2, will be our Crazy Hat Day!  Please try to come out for this fun day!   We hope on this day to have a representative from “Our Space” join us to receive our donation of $450.  This was raised selling used square dance clothing.  If you wish to dress up next week, please do so.

Some people have asked why we sell square dancing clothing when we have a “casual dress” policy at our club.  We believe that people can wear whatever they like, casual or square dance attire.  We declare a casual dress policy so no one feels pressured to “dress up”. When our dancers go out to other clubs or special dances it is expected that those dancing as women will wear a skirt – if you like wearing crinolines go ahead and dress the part.  If not, just wear any skirt or dress you like to wear!  Men are expected to wear long sleeved shirts at outside dances.  (Those ladies dancing as men can wear skirts or pants – another advantage of dancing as a man!!). There have been surveys and studies conducted regarding recruitment and attracting people to join square dancing and the conclusion is that casual dress is better way to go.

I would appreciate your opinion to help us do our job as publicity co-ordinators.

Howard and Jean Lander