Mainstream Workshop Offered!

Join us on Sunday, March 6 from 3-5pm at Knox United Church, 400 Wolfe Street (This is our usual venue).  This is a free dance for mainstream dancers to practice their moves!

Keep in mind that this workshop is not a mainstream teach session – you must have been taught all 17 mainstream moves.  It is a chance to practice and review anything you are having a problem with.

See you there!


There will be a dance held on Sunday, 27th February from 3-5pm.  It will be free for all members and we hope to help those who started in January to learn more moves to get them a little further ahead.

For all of our dancers, getting extra floor time no matter what level you dance,  will make you a better dancer so we hope to see you out too!

Attending this dance will help ensure that all new dancers who have started since September will graduate together in May.  (To graduate we expect you to be able to dance confidently all 51 moves of the basic program.)

There is a sign-up sheet for the next two Mondays.   We would like at least three squares for this special dance.

Valentine’s Bus Cancelled

Due to low participation numbers the bus for the dance on February 12th has been cancelled.  Those that were going to participate will likely still go together in a couple of vans, so if you had planned on attending the dance don’t change your plans!  Just check in with the executive on Monday at our club dance to get in on the convoy.

Back to Business

The club enjoyed a fun party return night this past Monday including a pot luck dinner!  Please send me some photos if you took some!

Starting next week, January 10th, we’ll be welcoming brand new members to the club and their first dance will be free!  We’ll also have some Girl Guides there with us and I can’t wait since I happen to be a Girl Guide leader myself.

We’re also gearing up for the Frosty Fling – we will see you there?  Let us know in the comments section below!

See you Monday!