Graduation Night!

Last night was graduation night at Otonabee Squares!  All dancers who have learned the entire basic square dancing program were presented with a diploma and congratulated by all of the club members.  There was cake and ice cream and lots of frivolity!  I’ve already posted some photos from the night – enjoy!

Graduation tomorrow!

Tomorrow is our graduation day for all of the new dancers that have joined the club this season.  It will be a fun night with lots of great dancing and celebration!

Now that everyone has completed their basics we thought it might be a good time to introduce or remind everyone of some square dance etiquette.  Please take a look at the notes provided on the resource page for this topic and we’ll make our club an even better environment for everyone to thrive in!

I’ve also posted some photos from the Spring Spree held two weeks ago – sorry it took so long, but I hope you enjoy them!