You may have seen a few club members with disks hanging from their name badge at the club and wondered what it is.  Those are called dangles and you can earn them too!  Here are a few we offer at Otonabee…
  1. HALLOWEEN DANGLE: Dress up in costume for Halloween.  Must be full costume – not just a mask or funny hat. This dangle can only be earned once!
  2. STAGECOACH: Attend one regular club night at three  clubs other than your own.
  3. PERFECT ATTENDANCE: One absence allowed. 
  4. ANGEL: Help at a Blast or at the series of Jan/Feb beginner lessons.  An Angel is defined as a person who  dances the level above that which is being taught. You must have danced at the higher level for a least one year.
  5. ROAD RUNNER DANGLE: For 2011-2012 attend one of the following Peterborough dances that are held annually:
    1. Frosty Fling or Spring Spree
    2. Attend two invitational dances hosted by other clubs.  Check the red binder for such dances or speak to one of the executive for information.
There are a few more out there so start earning your dangles!
One more thing! You don’t have to poke holes in your name badge to wear your dangles.  You can get special bars to hang them on too – only $2!