Site clean up

We’ve updated a few things on the site this week including removing the About page (which had some  information that was already on the Our Club page) and put the Newsletters page on the main menu bar.
The resource page was cleaned up to remove some old information and the calendar was updated too, removing some old information and adding Crazy Hat Day to the April 2nd dance.  Wear a crazy hat – earn a dangle!
Lastly, we want to draw your attention to the Executive page.  It can be found under the Our Club page and it lists the club executive as well as provides links to the Bylaws and the draft minutes of the annual general meeting held May 2011.
Please let us know if there is anything else you’d like to see changed, updated or added to the site!

Lots of Updates!

We’ve updated lots of information on the site recently.  Visit the calendar and dances page to find updated and completely new information!  We’ve also revised the dangles page and added a separate page for information on out of town dances and local round dancing, which will begin January 8th.

We may have more new information for the calendar soon and a newsletter to post too!

Hopefully we’ll see all club members out in the holiday best next Monday for our last dance of 2011!

Graduation tomorrow!

Tomorrow is our graduation day for all of the new dancers that have joined the club this season.  It will be a fun night with lots of great dancing and celebration!

Now that everyone has completed their basics we thought it might be a good time to introduce or remind everyone of some square dance etiquette.  Please take a look at the notes provided on the resource page for this topic and we’ll make our club an even better environment for everyone to thrive in!

I’ve also posted some photos from the Spring Spree held two weeks ago – sorry it took so long, but I hope you enjoy them!

Learning Tools Online

We wanted to let you know about the TAMinations website  It is a fabulous resource and has all of the moves you are learning available in an annimated format.  It’s a great way to review what you have learned from Wayne. Further, if you are having trouble learning a particular move this format may help you.   All the basic moves are included under the “mainstream” list.  The definition of each move is also included.  Enjoy!

Thanks to the Tam Twirlers for creating such a great resource!