Notes on Upcoming Club Dances

October 29 will be a Halloween party and dancing. Costumes are optional; some members are not comfortable dressing up so please do not miss dancing because you do not want to wear a costume. Usually about half of the dancers dress up. For those who are wearing costumes, we will have a parade and a couple of people not wearing costume will decide who deserves a prize for the best woman’s, man’s and couples costume. Some mainstream tips will be mixed in with basic dancing. This is a free night, everyone is invited to stay until 9pm.

On November 12 we will be offering used square dance clothing for sale. The clothes are donated to us by people who have no more use of them; the proceeds of this sale will be given to a local charity. I was recently asked why our club does not “allow” people to wear square dance clothing on club nights. This is not the case – although our club has a “casual dress” policy, anyone wishing to wear square dance attire every Monday night is free to do this. We make this clothing available for those who wish to wear square dance attire especially when attending special outside dances and events. (Like our own special Frosty Fling dance – Jan 27 2019).

Keep the questions coming so we can be sure to respond to any concerns you may have!

Some of you may not know caller Grant Logan, who passed away on Thursday. He called for our Sunday mainstream dance this year on April 8th. A Celebration of his Life will be held at the Jerrett Life Celebration Centre, 8088 Yonge St, Thornhill (south of Hwy 7) on Tuesday, October 23, 2018 from 12pm-2pm.