Housekeeping – Registration & Badges

Club members must fill out a registration form.  Please fill it in and bring it back with the $5 fee which includes $1 for membership and $4 is for insurance.  If you do not have a printer there will be hard copies of the registration form available at the club.
Our Social Conveners, Heather and Glenda will have a sign up sheet for help with refreshments.  Please step up and help.  It is not a big job if it is spread out over many people.  Heather and Glenda are responsible to make sure the supplies are there but it is not their job to make the refreshments every week and clean up.    Please consider bringing you own mug so we can cut down on waste.
If you need a club name badge, we will be taking orders at the treasurer’s table. A badge with a magnet costs $10 or $8 with a pin and must be pre-paid.  Anyone ordering their first ever badge gets a free dance the night you pick up your badge.  Last date for orders is Monday, Oct 1st.
A Calendar for the year has been posted.  Hard copies will be available at the club.
Our presidents this year are Charles Paterson and Doris Buttar.  They are always available to speak with anyone if you have any concerns or suggestions.
See you tonight!