Otonabee Square Annual Picnic and Dance This Sunday

Sunday, August 16 is the day of our Annual picnic and dance. It will take place at Beavermead Park at 3pm, 2011 Ashburnham Rd. Wayne will call basic and mainstream from 3-5pm.

Following the dancing we will have a pot luck supper. In addition to some food to share, please bring your own plates, utensils, etc. The club will provide water but if you want something else to drink, please bring non-alcholic beverages. (Our agreement with the City is that this is a non alcholic event.)

There are picnic tables but we suggest you bring a lawn chair.

If you know of potential dancers who may be thinking of joining us in the fall, feel free to invite them.

If you have any questions phone Fred at 705 743 4582 or Howard 905 342 5450. Or email otonabeesquares@gmail.com