Peterborough Caller School

We are pleased to say the registration for the Peterborough Caller School is full!  To maintain a quality ratio of student to trainer, enrollment is limited to 6 participants who will have mic time.   Our registrants come from Toronto to Barry’s Bay and a couple of places in between.

For those still interested in the school a limited number of participants will be allowed to attend who won’t have mic time.  The cost for such participants will be $60.  This is a good way of finding out what it is all about and to see if you would like to make a further investment down the road and do the “whole thing”.   If you are interested please get in touch with Joe at 705 657 9084 or email him at before submitting your registration.

We are taking names for a wait list and if there is sufficient interest, we will hold another Caller School at a later date.