Mainstream Sunday dance – February 17th

Join us this coming Sunday for an afternoon of full mainstream with Barry Clasper calling.

Starting 2pm at George Street United Church hall, located at the corner of George and Mcdonnel Streets, Peterborough, $5 per person.

Pay on Sunday – dance free on Monday!!

One thought on “Mainstream Sunday dance – February 17th

  1. Sandy Martin

    Our mainstream dance Sunday, Feb 17th with Barry Clasper calling our challenging program of moves went extremely well and was attended by 8 squares this time (quite often we only make up about 5)…good time was had by all, and I think we can all say we got a Great mental as well as physical workout…thank you, Barry for a job well done…Joe Uebelacker will call at our next m/s dance with an “intro to caller school info session” to follow dance at 4PM…see you out and about.

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