Lakefield Farmers’ Market

The date for the demo we will be doing at the Lakefield Farmers Market  has changed from Thursday August 16 to Sunday August 19th from approximately 3-5 pm.

This morning Howard and Jean Lander and Bill and Joan Usher (from Lift Lock squares) met with the representative from the Market.  On Sunday August 19th,  they organize local restaurants to host a dinner and various market people also display their products.

The event will be held on the riverside park next to the pavillion (close to the arena).  They will be putting up large tents for both the diners and us dancers.  In addition they will be putting in a special floor for us and it is hoped that we will come up with four squares.  (Lift Lock dancers are also invited). We are not obliged to purchase the dinner but she is going to see if we will be able to purchase it at a discount.  The regular price is somewhere between $20-25).  We can hand out coupons and flyers.  They hope to have people in the audience get up and try dancing. We will also receive publicity when they advertise the event. Last year she said they had over 300 people.

We need to hear from all those people who will be able to attend.  We will email a reminder 10 days prior so if you are not sure right now, you can provide an answer then.  However the sooner we know how many people we will have, the better.  Also in replying, please indicate if you may be interested in the dinner because the organizers need names.

We feel that this is a great opportunity to promote Otonabee Squares and recruit some new dancers so please join in if you can make it!

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