Wanted: One Lift Lock Squares Banner

Three of our banner nappers! Pat Gerris, Cheyanne Smith, Rick Gerris (missing is Becca Gerris). Lift Lock only managed to see 7 dancers to retrieve their banner so I guess Otonabee keep it for another week!

A good night of dancing was enjoyed by 26 of our Otonabee members at the recent Introduction to Plus night, hosted by Lift Lock Squares on April 25th. Caller Joe Uebelacker taught five plus moves which they all mastered quickly.  At the end of the evening Lift Lock found that some of the Otonabee elves had napped their banner!


This past Monday was our open house dance and we had a special guest caller, Aaron Goodman, who saved the day by coming all the way from Mississauga on short notice to call for our Open House.  He provided a fun night of calling and introducing our visitors to square dancing.  We owe Aaron a big yellow rock!!

While Aaron was calling a tip, dancer Lyn Curtis removed his shoe. Shown here is a demonstration of her quest to earn a new dangle!