Spring News has bloomed!

This just in – our Spring Newsletter!  Please read it to catch up on all the news.

Next week, April 2, will be our Crazy Hat Day!  Please try to come out for this fun day!   We hope on this day to have a representative from “Our Space” join us to receive our donation of $450.  This was raised selling used square dance clothing.  If you wish to dress up next week, please do so.

Some people have asked why we sell square dancing clothing when we have a “casual dress” policy at our club.  We believe that people can wear whatever they like, casual or square dance attire.  We declare a casual dress policy so no one feels pressured to “dress up”. When our dancers go out to other clubs or special dances it is expected that those dancing as women will wear a skirt – if you like wearing crinolines go ahead and dress the part.  If not, just wear any skirt or dress you like to wear!  Men are expected to wear long sleeved shirts at outside dances.  (Those ladies dancing as men can wear skirts or pants – another advantage of dancing as a man!!). There have been surveys and studies conducted regarding recruitment and attracting people to join square dancing and the conclusion is that casual dress is better way to go.

I would appreciate your opinion to help us do our job as publicity co-ordinators.

Howard and Jean Lander