Workshop Tuesday is On!

The beginners workshop to be held tomorrow, Tuesday March 20th is on!  It will run from 7:00-9:30pm at the Prince of Whales School located near Sherbrooke and Monaghan.

We hope everyone will come enjoy the dancing!


2 thoughts on “Workshop Tuesday is On!

  1. Jean Koning

    Dear Friends:

    I had said I would join you tomorrow evening for dancing but I find I am unable to do that, so I will not be attending at Price of Wales School from 7 to 9:30. Many thanks anyway – I’ll try again later.

    Have fune!

    Jean Koning.

  2. Chey

    Thank you for putting on the workshop for beginners, we enjoyed having the extra opportunity to reinforce basic steps. Also many thanks to Wayne for patiently taking us through the steps patiently.
    We thoroughly enjoyed it.

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