News from the Executive

Recently the executive held a meeting and made a few decisions they wanted to let the club members know about.

  1. To help with the cost of gas, a mileage allowance of .22c per km will be paid to any member who is willing to give others a lift to outside dances.  This will be paid from the 50/50 monies.  The driver must take a minimum of two passengers (that does not include one’s spouse).   We would also ask each passenger to pay the driver $5.
  2. Full Maintream-only Dances We have decided to hold a monthly dance of full mainstream tips.  We hope to have different callers for each dance.  The first dance will take place on Sunday, Feb 19th, at George Street United Church 2-4:30pm.  To attend these dances you must have completed the full teach in mainstream.   Other dates will be March 18 and April 15.
  3. Mainstream Blitz Jan 14/15. Following this teach weekend, Wayne will call full mainstream on Monday nights.  So this weekend will be your last chance to learn or finish learning your mainstream moves.  (Mainstream will be taught again in Sept 2012)
  4. Teach DVD’s for basic and mainstream. The club is buying two copies of the Saddlebrook club teach DVD.  These will be available to loan to members who do not have internet.  People may borrow them for 14 days at a time and a refundable deposit will be required.
  5. Valentine Ice Cream Dance.  Feb 13. Make you own sundae!   FREE  fun dance night!    (Future fun night – Crazy Hat Dance – date to be announced)
  6. Phone Tree We need one more volunteer to take a few names.  Thanks to those who have come forward to volunteer.