Summer Dancing Survey

Last night at the end of our last summer dance we asked everyone there to fill in a brief survey about their experience dancing through the summer months and the results are in!

  • 29 surveys were completed
  • All responded that the level of dancing was enjoyable
  • 27 liked having two callers
  • 2 would have preferred one (did not mention which one)
  • One comment requested more callers
  • 28 were happy with the 2 hour dance; one wanted longer
  • All are happy having a 50/50 draw
  • 28 said they would come back next year; one responded maybe
    • Lots of fun;
    • very enjoyable;
    • great club and great people;
    • fabulous;
    • loved every minute
    • One person request Plus dancing.

Overall it sounds like summer dancing was enjoyed by all and was a great success!

2 thoughts on “Summer Dancing Survey

  1. Jean Koning

    So pleased to hear these results – but not surprised – you ARE a great club! I’ll be in Calgary Sep. 4 to 21 but hope to return to dancing after I get back! Thanks for carrying on! Jean Koning.

  2. Jack McArthur

    Could not make it last night because of the Lakers playoff game at the Memorial Centre. I had a great time, met some very nice people, and loved the dancing which I so much enjoy. I will be back next summer! Thanks Jack McArthur

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