Callers at the Spring Spree

The Spring Spree is tomorrow and I’m sure everyone is looking forward to enjoying a great event organized by the Lift Lock Squares.  One of the benefits of the dance will be hearing and dancing to lots of different callers.  The variety of their music and choreography will be fun to experience for all of our Otonabee Squares members.

Calling is an art form and the caller is certainly the most critical person at a square dance.  Without him or her there is no dance!  There can be some mystery about the practice of calling, but there doesn’t have to be.  If you are interested at all in calling perhaps you might be interested in the Canadian Callers College.  The is school designed for individuals with no calling experience up to ten years of experience.  Instructor Jeff Priest has been a caller for over 25 years and is a member of Callerlab.  Get details on this summer’s session being held July 22 – 24th in Cambridge and visit their website at

Anyone interested in contacting Canadian Callers College can call 519-752-2172 or email  Instructor Jeff Priest will be at the Spring Spree on April 16th and you will be able to hear him call during the callers showcase.  Better yet, find Mike Wood or Jackie Deschenes from our club and they will introduce you!

See you tomorrow!

One thought on “Callers at the Spring Spree

  1. Norma Wolfraim

    I am sure that I will enjoy the dance on Saturday.
    This will be my first time at one of these programs.
    Thanks for the opportunity to attend.
    I enjoy square dancing very much and hope to learn more on Saturday.
    Norma Wolfraim

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