By-Laws & Elections

Due to the evolving nature of our new square dance club, the Executive decided that some revision was necessary to our existing Constitution.  We have renamed it “Bylaws” according to recommendations from Robert’s Rule of Order.  You can find the new by-laws document on our ‘Executive’ page under the heading ‘Our Club’ on the menu bar.  Please review the old and the new document.  At our Annual General Meeting which will take place on 16th May we will vote on the adoption of this document.  If you wish to have a copy of this document it would be appreciated if you print one for this meeting – many thanks.

Please note, proposed changes on the new by-laws document are highlighted in blue with underlined notes indicating what the change is.

Please read the proposed Bylaws to see what executive positions we have and the officers’ duties for each position.  (The vote on this revised document will take place at the beginning of the annual meeting to legitimize any changes to executive positions and duties).  If you are interested in being nominated for any of the positions, please speak to our Vice-president, Alan Bigelow.