Spring Spree!


Please mark this date on your calendar and plan to attend.  It is a wonderful opportunity right here at home for you to attend a dance with four great callers.  Last year over 350 dancers attended this dance from all over Ontario (and probably some from further afield.  View the flyer here.

There are four halls for the four different levels.  In the basic hall the callers are very aware that you are first year dancers and will adjust their calling accordingly.  Nothing worse for a caller than  to have an empty floor!  If you want a rest from dancing go into the other halls to watch.  From 7-7:45pm there is something a little different.  One hall will be for round dancing; one hall will have A2 level dancing and the third hall will have what we call “Caller’s Showcase”.  Any visiting caller takes a turn calling a tip.  The level will be Basic so all dancers can take part.

At 7:45pm  everyone will move to the largest gym where a piper will start the opening ceremony.  This takes about 15 minutes and then all the dancers will disperse to their respective dance halls.  At 10pm all the dancers once again gather in the large gym for the closing part of the evening which is a lot of fun when all four callers get together on stage to wind up the evening. Again this part of the evening will accommodate the basic dancers.  At 10:30pm refreshments will be served.

To introduce the callers alphabetically:  Paul Adams is from Ottawa and has three clubs at different levels;  Grant Logan from Thornhill whom you met at our Frosty Fling dance, is the caller for Willow Weavers. (Some of you went to his dance in February). Grant calls old time, contra and also cues round dancing.  Don Moger is from Montreal where he has his own club but he is frequently travelling to the USA and to Europe where he is much in demand.  Joe Uebelacker is the host caller, being the caller for Lift Lock Squares (some of you met Joe at Pie Night last November).  He also calls in Trenton and in Toronto.

See you on the floor!