A Poem for you!


Gather up four couples, face them in a square.
Then listen to the caller, who will move you here to there.
Four hands around and Grand Square,  make a Right Hand Star.
Yellowrock, Promenade;  what’s an Allemande Thar?
What’s it mean to Wheel and Deal, or do a Do-Si-Do;
Bend the Line or Load the Boat, which way am I to go?
Flutter wheel,  Ferris Wheel;  do the Tea Cup Chain;
Spin the Top, Box the Gnat; these all sound insane!
I’m just a humble beginner, these terms are all brand new.
Will I ever get to know how to do a Spin Chain Through?
They say it will get easier; on that I must depend.
Meanwhile I’ll keep trying, and enjoy my new found friends.

Original author unknown: reprinted from the USDA News.
(United Square Dancers of America)

See you at the club tonight!


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