Upcoming Dances for Basic Level Dancers


There  are some upcoming dances which cater to any dancer who started last fall or before that.  It is a great opportunity to get more floor time and also to hear other callers and meet square dancers from other clubs.  That is one thing we love about square dancing; making friends from all over the place!

If you wonder why we try and encourage you to go to other dances it is for the following reasons.  First and foremost, it is fun!

If you started last fall you will have learnt the 51 moves of the Basic program.  We think that this basic program is the most difficult to learn because most of you are starting from no knowledge of Modern Square Dancing.   The only way to really get to know the moves and be able to do them seamlessly is practice!  Which means “floor time”.   At our club night you may only get 5 tips to practice your moves, especially now that we are including the beginner dancer level in our evening.

We were fortunate to welcome 9 other clubs to our Frosty Fling which made for a great afternoon.  This is your opportunity to get out and support their dances. We will have sign-up sheets to see if there is enough interest to hire a bus for each dance.  Cost will be $5 per person.

So do try and get out to at least one of the dances listed below.  Wear your Otonabee badge!

Saturday  Feb 12 – Willow Weavers invite you to a Valentine Dance, at Thornhill Presbyterian Church, 271 Centre Street, Thornhill.   Afternoon 2:30-5pm and Evening 6:30 to 9:30pm

Sunday, March 6 – Oshawa Club invite you to a Square Dance at 115 Grassmere Ave, Oshawa from 1-4pm CANCELLED

Sunday, March 27. Happy Hoppers invite you to Spring Uprising at the Lebovic Arts Centre, 15 Civic St, Stouffvillefrom 2:30 – 5:15pm. Visit their website.

Tuesday, April 5 – Lakeshore Waves invite you to their Country Roundup; Baltimore Recreation Centre, Community Centre Rd, Baltimore. 8-10p.    (Also some mainstream and plus available)

Saturday  April 16Spring Spree hosted by Lift Lock Squares.  Crestwood High School, Sherbrooke Ave, Peterborough.  2-5pm and 7-10:30pm  (also Mainstream to Advanced levels available) Ribbons on sale now for pre-registration.

Saturday, May 14 –  Toronto and District Square Dance Convention, Brock University, St. Catherine’s.  Afternoon and evening dancing.  (Mainstream and above level dancers can dance from Thurs pm –Sat night)

Saturday, May 28 – Triangle Squares invite you to an afternoon dance in Toronto.  Jesse Ketchum School , 61 Davenport Road,Toronto,   (Mainstream and above dancers can dance Thurs evening –Sun morning)

If you want  any more information, contact Howard and Jean Lander, Publicity and PR for Otonabee Squares via email: hjlander@gmail.com or phone 905 342 5450.