A Note About Shoes

It is very important to carry clean shoes into any venue where we are dancing. Especially in winter.  Many places will not rent to square dancers due to the wear and tear on floors.   At Westdale Church where we will be holding Frosty Fling, the floor is wood tile and therefore more susceptible to damage if we dance with dirty shoes.  Please make sure YOU BRING CLEAN SHOES TO WEAR ON THE DANCE FLOOR!  We would hope that we will be able to use Westdale church hall annually but if we do not respect the hall, we will not be allowed back.
The following is taken directly from our insurance policy:

“Carry Your Dancing Shoes.  Owners of various facilities are becoming increasingly concerned about scratches and damage to wood and other floors of their gyms and other rooms from such activities as square and round dancing. This is now more than preventing black scuff marks on the floor.  Repairs and refinishing of floors are expensive.  Footwear worn outside will have sand and stones, and in the winter, salt, embedded in the soles that will mark and scratch a floor in no time.   Failure to take proper action and prevent damage to floors can result in claims for damage repairs and lawsuits.  These repairs, lawsuits and legal costs can be very expensive and can result in increased insurance costs.  What can and should be done by dancers and those organizing a dance?
Dancers: Carry your clean dancing shoes into the dance and put them on inside.  Do not wear your dancing shoes outside.”

It is hoped that on club nights you will also observe the clean shoe policy.  It is not enjoyable to dance on a gritty floor.

Many thanks for complying with the above,
Your Executive.