Dance tonight!

It’s dancing night tonight, and only one more left in 2010 after this!  I thought I would put up a new post here today since we seem to be getting a lot more traffic these days and I like to try to keep the site fresh for visitors.  In searching for some interesting content I came across a site titled: “Old-Time vs Modern Western Square Dance“.  This caught my eye since my square dance expertise is in old-time dancing.  While the two are different from each other the knowledge base I have from old-time dancing has made the transition to modern pretty easy.  I still have to learn most of the calls since there are few that the two disciplines have in common.  Being sure to listen to the caller for changes, knowing that an allemande left is really on my right (as I dance in the right side of a couple) and to dance in a tight square in a full room are all instincts I already had.  So having said all of that, please visit the article, you might find it interesting to learn the differences.

2 thoughts on “Dance tonight!

  1. Ingrid

    What a great night we had! We had just about everybody there as we had 7 squares dancing! Such a dedicated group of fun-loving people even in the busiest time of the year. When there are that many people on the floor dancing at one time, we get more skilled at keeping our squares tight or we end up in a neighbouring square! lol Heard that almost happened once…

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