Last Dance of November!

Wow, it’s the last dance of Novmeber 2010, ALREADY!  The fall dance season has passed quickly and we’ll soon be losing many of our snow birds to southern lands.  Hopefully everyone has new dancers to bring out to the club beginning January 10th at 7:00pm.  It will be a great chance for new club members to learn basics starting from scratch.

Jean Koning missed our club night last week as she was receiving a very prestigious award – the YMCA Peace Medallion.  Fortunately she was able to join us this week and we got to congratulate her on the achievement.  Visit the Peterborough Examiner website to see an article on Jean.

The executive is still looking for basket item donations for the Frosty Fling fundraiser.  Perhaps some of our members will receive a few gifts over the holiday season that they can’t use themselves and would like to re-gift to the club.  Donations will be taken in January.

Last Saturday a few dancers from our club attended a dance in Stouffville with callers Doug Holmes & Grant Logan.  It was a well attended event with about 90 dancers and 10 squares in a small hall.  A good time was had by all at the event and new friends met over snacks at the end.  Our Frosty Fling dance in January was promoted at the event by both callers so hopefully we have a great turn out too!

Finally, please check out the photos page as we’ve added some pictures from the Pie Night hosted by the Lift Lock squares with many of our club members in attendance.


3 thoughts on “Last Dance of November!

  1. Jean Koning

    Thank you for rec0gnizing me as a YMCA Peace Medaliion recipient. This would not have happened except for the good folk who work with me in the Kawartha Truth & Reconciliation Support Group. And if I see myself as a “team player” in that work, it is at least partly because I leanred many years ago that being able to hold hands with my neighbours in a Grand Right & Left is really the basis of all good teamwork. Happy square dancers makes happy neighbours! Jean Koning.

  2. I agree Jean – we need to hear more news about our members, hopefully they will share their successes with us, even if it doesn’t make the paper.

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