Newsletter & News

A few reminders and notes were mentioned Monday night for our club members.  Everyone is invited to Pie Night, hosted by the Lift Lock Squares on Saturday November 20th at 7:00pm. Admission is free for Otonobee Squares members – see you there!

Also of note, we will be starting a new class of beginner dancers on January 10, 2011. Please bring friendsand family to join us. Please note that unlike September, when we took in new dancers over athree week span, in January they must begin on January 10th.  Further, beginning on the 10th, the dance evening will be extended by 1/2 houreach week. The beginners will have their teach session from 7-7:30pm each week. From7:30 until 9:30pm we will continue with the program we have now, alternating the levels,except that we now will have three levels, new basics, Sept basics and mainstream.

For those that didn’t pick up a copy of the newsletter you can find it in the Members Area of the website.